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We all love our  dogs and cats, but sometimes pets have accidents, especially the young ones.  Let us make your home comfortable and enjoyable again while using products that are safer for you and your pets.

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Pet Urine Breakthrough

Now For The First Time
You Can Quickly Get Your Pet Concerns Completely Removed!

For years many pet owners and carpet cleaners attempted to remove this concern but with little or no success! It was frustrating and something needed to be done, since the success rate was low most cleaners stayed away from offering this much needed service. At that time the best that could be done was a topical treatment, but that only covered up and masked the odor for about 2 to 3 days.

The Pet Doom

Have you noticed how many of your neighbors own pets? When that happened, the demand for urine and odor decontamination became greater.  Cleaners went to their cleaning supplier and said “what can be done?” The supplier turned to the manufactures and little progress was made. However, a few manufactures could see the growing market for these products. They tested and retested each product in hundreds of situations, until they came up with several new products that really worked. Now there are professional odor control products available that are “Green”. 

The Results:  Happy, Healthy People and Pets!!!

The New Chemistry

Because we care about people and their pets the Green Solutions team are dedicated to finding companies that offer the technology to do this safely and efficiently.  Try our services and judge for yourself!  Green Solutions can remove your concern within days or less.  The results are often immediate!

Enough With The Talk….Question…

Are you sick of urine stains! Do they look like eyesores?  Or worst how about the smells? If you feel they’re getting the best of you and you’re ready to eliminate these concerns forever. I invite you to call me right now.

Can You Be Confident In Me?

Yes! I think so and here’s why? I’m constantly getting ongoing training, Even though I’ve taken on some of the toughest jobs in Harrisonburg and the surrounding area, I don’t want to miss out on any new advantages that I can get for my clients. The more I know, the better I’m able to get you the results you want. That is the secret to my success!

Now For The Whole Truth About Our Company

Ok, we are not perfect and we cannot fix everything!  Therefore, on occasion, I have turned down some jobs. (very few)  It is not that I like to do this but I would rather tell someone to replace their carpet and seal the subfloor if that really is their best option. Most people appreciate this and latter call for other cleaning or still refer me to friends.  However, remember that 50% of our clients thought nothing could be done for the odor or stains.  After a good evaluation, we will be able to give you some options that will let you correct your situation.

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